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I started Betting Lion Picks in 2010 as a guy with a knack for picking NFL winners. The company now provides sports predictions to over 1000 sports fans for every major U.S. sport every day.


Betting Lion Picks has grown at an average rate of over 450% from since starting in 2010.


Betting Lion Picks has been featured on ESPNand on and has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on and in ColoradoBiz Magazine


A one-man-show for the first five years, the company has since grown to eight, all dedicated to providing the best sports predictions and customer service in the world.


I often get asked, "So, how much can I expect to win if I use your picks." It's a great question. While there isn't a simple one-word answer, we can answer the question by looking at an expected range of possible outcomes.

Of course we can't predict with absolute certainty how many bets we will win or lose over any time period. But, based on years of prior results, we can predict a range. We can take an educated guess as to how much we might win or lose over any number of bets. Based on my past performance over many years, here's what I can tell you, if you bet my picks over a large number of bets:

1. You are more likely to win than lose with my picks. Even when we account for the juice (vig/commission) that sportsbooks charge, my long-term results indicate that we are much more likely to win than lose.

2. You can win a lot. If my future performance approximates my past performance, you can expect to win a lot (more than you can make in most any other investment). In fact, it is reasonable to expect to do about 4 times better than the stock market. If past performance repeats, we have about a 65% chance of doing better than the stock market over the course of any given year.

3. You can lose. Just like any investment, there is risk involved. Sports betting consists of both skill and luck. Sometimes we get lucky and other times we get unlucky. There is no way to avoid that. If you want to gain (i.e. win money), you sometimes have to endure pain (losing money).

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